Urgent Care Medical Center Near West Hempstead, NY

When you need urgent medical treatment from caring professionals, come to Rapid Response Medical Care. We’re an urgent care medical clinic near West Hempstead, NY, and we can treat a wide variety of ailments that just can’t wait for an appointment.

How We Can Help

Some injuries and illnesses may not be life-threatening but still require prompt medical attention. If you have a cut that may need stitches, a severe sore throat, a strange rash, a sprained ankle, a toe you think might be broken, or any other injury or illness that causes you pain or discomfort, an urgent care medical center can provide the help that you need.

At Rapid Response Medical Care, we pride ourselves on our preparation. We’re ready to provide a rapid response whenever you walk into our center — no appointment necessary. We can quickly diagnose and provide the correct medical treatment to relieve your pain and discomfort as quickly as possible.

Don’t feel like the emergency room or an appointment with your primary care physician are your only options. Call us today at 516.872.6337 or drop by our urgent care medical center in Franklin Square. We’re a quick ten-minute drive from West Hempstead, NY, and can admit you as soon as you walk through our door.